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Respect has always been the most honored ethic in camping. Odetah asks our guests to uphold and honor this at its highest standard with a respect for nature, other campers and Odetah’s facilities. Thank you all for your understanding and for doing your part in keeping Odetah a safe, friendly and trusting environment.



You will find a backflow preventer located on every site’s water connection because we are on a city water system. Please note that these are not water pressure regulators and need to remain fastened during your stay and left during departure. Our city water pressure is 80lbs. Pressure regulators are suggested.


Bicycles must observe 5 MPH speed limit. No bike riding after dark. State law requires that children under 16 wear a helmet. Park bicycles in bike racks, do not block sidewalks or doorways. Obey no-bike areas. For safety reasons bikes MUST be walked, NOT RIDDEN in the main driveway area between the gates or within the visitor parking lot. Staff reserves the right to remove any bicycle from any guest who continues to disregard the rules.  Scooters, roller-blades, heelys, skateboards or any device that our staff feels is a danger are not permitted.


Never leave a fire unattended. Fires are only permitted in grills and fire rings provided. Fires must be out before retiring for the night. DO NOT move fire rings from original location. Due to the risk of disease and insects, firewood may not be brought in from outside Connecticut.


When you place your order you will receive an email confirmation from Rider Productions if you have a valid email address. It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive an email and review it. If you do not receive your electronic confirmation within 48 hours please call our office (860) 413-9067.


Check-In is 2:00PM on Thursday or Friday depending on your purchase, September 8th & 9th - Check-Out is 5:00PM Sunday, September 11th.  


Be respectful of staff and other campers. We aim to provide you with top notch service in a friendly environment however we have zero tolerance for threats, intimidation, racial slurs, profanity, etc. directed towards staff or other campers will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the property.


Bring any found items you find to the main office / front desk. Thank you.


Please be respectful of your neighbors and refrain from making excessive noise at any time. Amplified instruments are strictly prohibited beyond staging areas. No drumming past 11:00PM. There will be music after Main Stage hours in the Social Hall.



Dogs and cats ONLY may be walked around the park but must be leashed at all times both on and off of your site. Continuously barking dogs will not be tolerated. We do not have any restrictions on pet breeds however; ANY animal which displays aggressive behavior, is a nuisance or is deemed unsafe to remain at Odetah by Management will be required to leave the property. By bringing your pet to Odetah you acknowledge that it has been properly licensed, is up to date on all vaccinations and is free from any communicable diseases. All pets must bear an identification tag as well as a current rabies tag on their collar at all times. Our staff reserves the right to request proof of rabies vaccination at any time. Failure to provide proof when requested will result in your pet being required to immediately leave the property. Campers will be held liable for any and all damage to property and injury to other people or pets which may result from their pet at Odetah. Any owner not cleaning up after their pet will be subject to ejection from the park. No refunds will be issued to campers that must leave due to their pet(s). Pets are also NOT permitted in any food service area (Oasis or Scoop Shack), inside any Odetah buildings, beach, playground, tennis/basketball court, pool/Jacuzzi area, in Odetah rental boats, or mini-golf course. Pets are permitted on all primitive tent, W/E/G and Full-Hookup sites unless otherwise noted for a special event. NO EXCEPTIONS. We do permit service animals as required by the ADA. Please let us know at check-in if you have a service animal with you.


Absolutely NO fireworks, NO firearms, NO illegal drugs, NO weapons. Large volume containers (kegs) of alcohol are not permitted. Sparklers are prohibited. Odetah does not allow the use of any Drones or other remote controlled airborne devices for safety and privacy reasons. Gas powered remote control vehicles are not permitted for noise and safety reasons.


All pumpouts require a sign-up in the store by the close of business the day prior to the pumpout. You must sign up in person as we will not accept signups via email, fax or phone.  Pumpouts are performed on (Mondays and Thursdays - Sunday?). Odetah and its employees will not be responsible for and will be held harmless for any damage to a unit or site during a pumpout. Every effort is made to ensure your valves are as they were prior to the pumpout, however it is your responsibility to ensure this has been done and your valves are in the correct position. Failure to use RV toilet paper and proper chemicals in your holding tank may clog your tank or cause us to not be able to successfully perform a pumpout. If this is found to be required to pay the appropriate fee if you would like another pumpout.


We have on and off site staff available to handle security and emergency situations. These individuals have the full authority of management to require anyone not following policies to leave the property. Please call the security hotline only after normal business hours : 860-886-8124.  During normal business hours please alert a staff member or call the office for emergencies. We have electronic gates in place to ensure monitored access to the park. Please do not attempt to tamper with, circumvent, or otherwise disable or bypass the gates as this is grounds for immediate removal from the park. Odetah reserves the right to employ video recording systems to ensure park security.  EMERGENCY-FIRE-AMBULANCE DIAL 911


All water/electric sites have gray water systems for sink and shower water only. NO blackwater allowed. All guests must use a graywater adapter with garden hose. If you require a greywater adapter they are available for sale in the office. NO sewer hoses allowed in graywater connections, NO EXCEPTIONS. Only full hook-up sites may use sewer hoses and dump blackwater.


Sites are clean when you arrive. Do your best to pick up before leaving. Absolutely no throwing garbage or food in wooded areas.  We take cleanliness seriously. Garbage must be bagged and placed by the road no later than 5:00pm for pickup. Please do your part and secure any garbage not picked up so that animals do not create a mess over night. Please feel free to place your bag in one of our many receptacles if you choose. Please remain within site boundaries and established walkways at all times. Due to health regulations we do not allow discharge of sinks or showers on the surface of the ground. If you require hookup to drain sink or shower waste you MUST use the hookups on a W/E/G or FHK site. We do not allow running a hose or extension cord to provide utilities onto a primitive tent site.  If you require utilities you must rent a W/E/G or FHK site.


Do not tie, hang, nail or fasten any objects from trees. No clothes lines, chains, or lanterns please. Staff reserves the right to remove items if guest does not obey. Under no circumstances are guests permitted to cut or break trees, shrubs, etc.  


All campers and guests are required to wear wristbands at all times while on resort property. 

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